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The Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) is a National Indigenous Organization representing the political voice of Indigenous women, girls and gender diverse people in Canada, inclusive of First Nations on and off reserve, status and non-status, disenfranchised, Métis and Inuit. An aggregate of Indigenous women’s organizations from across the country, NWAC was founded on the collective goal to enhance, promote and foster the social, economic, cultural and political well-being of Indigenous women within their respective communities and Canada societies.

Since 1974, NWAC has established strong and lasting governance structures, decision-making processes, financials policies and procedures, and networks to help achieve its overall mission and goals. Today, NWAC engages in national and international advocacy aimed at legislative and policy reforms that promote equality for Indigenous women, girls, Two-Spirit and gender diverse people, including LGBTQ+ people. Through advocacy, policy and legislative analysis, NWAC works to preserve Indigenous culture and advance the well-being of all Indigenous women, girls and gender diverse people, as well as their families and communities.

NWAC works on a variety of issues such as employment, labour and business, health, violence prevention and safety, justice and human rights, environment, early learning childcare and international affairs.

Much like a “Grandmother’s Lodge,” we as aunties, mothers, sisters, brothers and relatives collectively recognize, respect, promote, defend and enhance our Indigenous ancestral laws, spiritual beliefs, language and traditions given to us by the Creator.

Native Women’s Association of Canada: Accord

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors hold responsibility for the overall governance of NWAC and passes all resolutions with regard to new initiatives undertaken by NWAC personnel and its members. The Board meets on a regular basis to evaluate, review, and provide direction to the President, PTMAs, and the National office.

NWAC’s Board of Directors consists of 22 members:

  • One (1) president
  • Thirteen (13) regional representatives
  • Four (4) of which are also regional executive leaders
  • Four (4) regional elders
  • Four (4) regional youth representatives; elected by the NWAC Youth Council


Provincial/Territorial Member Associations


Yukon Aboriginal Women’s Council

407 Black Street
Whitehorse, Yukon
Canada Y1A 2N2
Tel: 867-667-6162
Web:  yawc.ca
Toll-free: 1-866-667-6162

ISET Coordinator: Sue Christianson
Email: isetcoordinator@yawc.ca

The Native Women’s Association of the NWT

4902 50th Avenue
Yellowknife, NT
X1A 2P7
Tel: 867-873-5509
Fax: 867-873-3152
Toll-free: 1-866-459-1114
Email: reception@nativewomens.com
Website: nativewomensnwt.com

ISET Coordinator: Michelle LeMouel
Tel: 867-873-5509 X230
Email: isets@nativewomens.com

BC Native Women’s Association

144 Briar Avenue
Kamloops, BC
V2B 1C1
Tel: 250-554-4556
Fax: 250-554-4573
Email: secretary@bcnwa.org
Website: bcnwa.weebly.com

ISET Coordinator: Crystle Phillips
Tel: 250-554-4556 x211
Email: asetscoordinator@bcnwa.org


Temiskaming Native Women’s Support Group

35 Poplar
Kirkland Lake, ON
P2N 3M5
Tel: 705-567-1133
Fax: 705-567-1176
Toll-free: 1-855-647-7874
Website: www.keepersofthecircle.com

ISET Coordinator: Samantha Batisse
Phone: 705-642-8022
Toll-free: 1-855-647-7874 X 2020
Email: s.batisse@keeperofthecircle.com

Newfoundland Native Women’s Association

2 Herald Avenue Suite 210
Millbrook Mall
Corner Brook, NL A2H 4B5
Tel: 709-632-3700
Fax: 709-789-2207
Email: info@nnwa.ca

ISET Coordinator: Jackie Wheeler
Email: jackie@nnwa.ca

Nova Scotia Native Women’s Association

52 Martin Crescent
Millbrook Reserve
P.O. Box 805
Truro, NS
B2N 6N7
Tel: 902-893-7402
Fax: 902-897-7162
Website: www.nsnwa.ca

ISET Coordinator: Justine Maloney
Email: employment@nsnwa.net

Manitoba Moon Voices Inc.

301-286 Smith St,
Winnipeg, MB
R3C 1K4
Tel: 204- 942-1828
Fax: 204-615-5300
Email: admin@mmvi.ca
Web:  www.manitobamoonvoices.com

ISET Coordinator: Shannon Hoskie
Tel: 204-942-1329
Email: shoskie@mmvi.ca

Indigenous Women of the Wabanaki Territories

152 Main Street,
Fredericton, NB
E3A 1C8
Tel: 506-206-8220
Fax: 506-206-8221

ISET Coordinator: Megan Birch
Tel: 204-942-1329
Email: iset@iwwt.ca

Nunavut Inuit Women’s Association

736 Iglulik Drive
Iqaluit, NU
X0A 0H0
Tel: 867-979-1167

Email: Madeleine.redfern@gmail.com

Aboriginal Women’s Association of PEI

312 Sweetgrass Trail
PO Box 145
Lennox Island, PEI
C0B 1P0
Tel: 902-831-3059
Fax: 902-831-3027
Email: info@awapei.org
Web: www.awapei.org

ISET Coordinator: Samantha Lewis
Tel: 902-888-8991
Fax: 902-831-3027
Email: asetsl@awapei.org

Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women

18104 – 102 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T5S 1S7
Tel: (780) 479-8195
Website: iaaw.ca
Email: iaaw@iaaw.ca

ISET Coordinator: Alison Poiron