NWAC’s National Apprenticeships Program (NAP) connects businesses with Indigenous women, Two Spirit, transgender, and gender-diverse people seeking apprenticeships in the skilled trades.


This website provides culturally safe, gender-based, and trauma-informed resources and interactive tools to help Indigenous women and gender-diverse people make informed decisions about cannabis use.


The Culturally Safe and Trauma-Informed Knowledge Hub provides information, resources, and supports to empower people in making informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health.


#BeTheDrum is an Entrepreneurial Outreach and Navigation Program designed to build skills of Indigenous women and gender-diverse people entering the spheres of business, management, and entrepreneurship.


The NWAC ISET program helps Indigenous women and gender-diverse individuals fully participate in economic opportunities. NWAC believes education can help Indigenous women, girls, and gender-diverse people achieve economic success. Empowerment is the foundation for strong families and communities.


Safe Passage is a community-driven, trauma-informed, and survivor centered initiative that tracks cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, Two-Spirit, transgender and gender-diverse people (MMIWG2S+), monitors ongoing safety concerns, provides distinctions-based safety resources, educates the public and media about the MMIWG2S+ genocide, and commemorates and honours our stolen loved ones.


Generation4 Equality is a platform for youth to get information, ask questions, and connect with other youth who are working hard for gender equality.


It's hard to accept, but not up for debate. There's been a genocide against Indigenous people in Canada. This Indigenous History Month we're asking the government to include the true history of Canada in high school curriculums. You can help us by sending a letter to the government demanding change at


Restoring the Circle is an online, self-guided training program for service providers working with 2SLGBTQQIA+ Indigenous Peoples with lived experiences of gender-based violence. The training supports frontline responders in providing trauma-informed, culturally safe, and intersectional services for, to, and with 2SLGBTQQIA+ Indigenous Peoples.


The Native Women’s Association of Canada now offers two more ways – an online and in-person library – for Indigenous women, girls, transgender, Two-Spirit and gender-diverse people and others to access knowledge on Indigenous cultures, languages, and community data on topics like MMIWG2S+ and beyond.