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Keystones of Support

The foundation of this program is built on 4 keystones of support and offers several ways in which #BeTheDrum will work to engage and prepare existing and budding Indigenous entrepreneurs for continued success. Those who join our program will be greeted by a team of dedicated Entrepreneur Navigators and Mentors, with access to relevant workshops, networking events, peer-to-peer groups, and our live social media Q&A sessions.

Take the time to explore each keystone of support below and join our program to begin your journey!


One-on-One Navigation Support

Mentorship and Navigational Support for You and Your Business

Entrepreneurship can be a very lonely and uncertain road. COVID-19 has changed the world and has managed to make, even stable employment, not very stable.

Prior to COVID-19 many, who dreamed about starting their own business, found it too risky; now months into the pandemic, many have come to realize that not much in this world is guaranteed, making some areas of entrepreneurship not so risky after all.

If you have made it this far on our website, then you must be close to jumping in with us or already swimming in the exciting realm of entrepreneurship. CONGRATULATIONS! It’s an exhilarating ride!

Here is how our Navigation side works:

  1. To get started, register for our Be the Drum program using the link below. Within 48 business hours of receiving your application, one of our Navigators will contact you and welcome you to the program.
  2. Now the fun begins! As a team or one-on-one, we use our unique areas of expertise to assist you with all your business needs, working with you to get you where you want to be, faster and with the least amount of bumps along the way.

Some of the many areas we can help with include:

    • Brainstorming your business ideas
    • Business Planning
    • Researching funding opportunities
    • Branding: Help with social media profiles
    • Help with marketing materials
    • Adding your business to Federal Government Buy & Sell site
    • Be there for you as your mentor – to answer your questions or just have someone to talk with.

Peer Support Circles

Building Individual and Community Strength through Peer Support Meetings Right Where You Live

What is a #BeTheDrum Peer Support Circle?

Like a Mastermind Group, our BeTheDrum Peer Support Circles are a network of regular monthly group meetings for Indigenous women and gender diverse entrepreneurs across Canada.

Brought together through the #BeTheDrum Entrepreneur Outreach program, the purpose of these groups is to facilitate authentic camaraderie, to help offset feelings of loneliness, discouragement, and fatigue that entrepreneurs often face. It’s also a means of sharing resources, building new collaborations and relationships, of identifying new market trends and opportunities. In essence, this is our entrepreneurial version of community building – helping to support those daring to do great things – spanning from the furthest, most remote parts of Canada through to the most populous. Our work is to help draw strong lines of belonging and connection for the benefit of all communities, all the while helping to improve and grow business in the neighbourhoods where people live.

To join this network – entrepreneurs simply apply to our free #BeTheDrum Entrepreneur Outreach program.

Membership includes:

  • participation in our peer-to-peer network
  • one-on-one mentorship
  • access and introduction to members of our greater network (industry experts, etc.), workshops, networking events
  • a free listing on our brand new Indigenous Women’s Business Directory (easily updated to represent your ongoing progress!)
  • participation in our workshops, networking events, and social media groups – Q&A sessions, etc.
  • and a chance to be in our entrepreneur of the month promotion!

Workshops & Net ‘Working’ Events

Learning and Applying Knowledge while Building Relationships

See our Events section for information on workshops and networking events.


Live Social Q&A’s and Check-in Sessions

Join our Live Q&A/Check-in Sessions through your Favourite Social Media Channels

Today, social media is an ever-growing tool used by many to connect with others worldwide. #BetheDrum has created various social media channels that are safe environments for Indigenous women entrepreneurs to connect and communicate with our team and each other.

Our channels provide a positive outlet for our team to engage directly with our community. On these channels, we can exchange ideas, provide support, share tips and tricks, answer questions, discuss Indigenous entrepreneurship, receive feedback, and connect via stories and live feeds.

Another amazing feature worth noting is we can interact with our entrepreneurs by creating fun incentives like “Entrepreneur of the Month”. This is where our navigation team can feature one of our entrepreneurs per month on our socials as a way to share their talents and provide exposure.

We are hoping to build a strong and diverse social media space where all of our followers feel a sense of belonging through being connected and supported by our community.