Policy Sectors

Culturally Relevant Gender Based Analysis (CRGBA)

By employing a culturally relevant gender-based analysis, NWAC ensures our advocacy is rooted within our collective vision for “an inclusive world that understands and respects the diversity and uniqueness of all Indigenous women and families.” The Culturally Relevant Gender-Based Analysis (CRGBA) Framework holds us accountable to this vision by emphasizing an intersectional, gender-diverse, Indigenous-focused and -led, and distinctions-based approach.

Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure NWAC’s research and policy analyses are rooted in an intersectional, gender-diverse, Indigenous-focused, trauma-informed, and distinctions-based framework. To this end, we are developing a series of capacity-building tools and initiatives, including training materials, case studies, toolkits, and literature reviews. These will help ground our policy analysis and advocacy work.