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NWAC supports call for a National State of Emergency, demands immediate action from government to end genocide


May 01, 2023

OTTAWA – The Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) has joined with other Indigenous organisations and Canadians to ask the government to declare a state of emergency to end the genocide against Indigenous women, girls, transgender, two spirit, and gender-diverse people.

NWAC is also demanding that rather than claw back essential funding to enhance the safety of women, children and gender-diverse peoples, that the funding be reinstated - and increased. Since the release of the Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG), the number of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, transgender, two spirit, and gender-diverse people has increased, and thus the need for additional funding to end this genocide.

“Canada is in a state of crisis. We ask any and all allies, organisations and advocates to please show your support by signing/including your name in an Open Letter addressed to Members of Parliament and Senators no later than Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023,” said NWAC President Carol McBride.

The open letter is attached and can be signed and sent to Sandra DeLaronde, who is an MMIWG2S+ advocate, at sldelaronde@mamawi.com.

NWAC is adding its voice to the voices of the MMIWG2S+ Implementation Committee in Manitoba, named Gaganaawenimaanaanig, led by Ms. DeLaronde, who originated the call for a State of Emergency into the crisis of MMIWG2S+.

Mel Critch co-chair of Manitoba Moon Voices Inc. (MMVI), one of NWAC’s provincial and territorial association members, will be adding her association’s name to show their support.

“This is alarming and needs to be addressed immediately due to the on-going genocide, compounded by the lack of implementation of the 231 Calls for Justice and therefore lack of human security our Indigenous women, girls and gender-diverse peoples face,” said Ms. Critch. “Let us show solidarity for our sisters throughout the country. Please read the open letter attached, and if you and your network would like to support our effort please sign the letter.”

“We ask that Canadians support their local grassroots efforts. Please help to bring attention to this call for action by participating in demonstrations to be held across Canada in solidarity and recognition of our missing and murdered loved ones and survivors of violence on May 5th, Red Dress Day - and by signing the Open Letter addressed to Members of Parliament and Senators on Tuesday, May 2,” said Mrs. McBride. “I thank everyone for your tireless advocacy. Enough is enough, no more stolen sisters.”


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