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NWAC demands immediate resignation of Quebec MNA Pierre Dufour

His inexcusable comments are totally unacceptable.”

NWAC President Carol McBride


May 24, 2023

OTTAWA – Today, the Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) is issuing an immediate call for the resignation of Pierre Dufour, after the MNA for Val-d’Or, Quebec, publicly made untrue and defamatory remarks about Indigenous women being mistreated by Sûreté du Québec in Val-d'Or, QC. His statements were made at a recent city council meeting.

NWAC President McBride is demanding Mr. Dufour’s resignation, after he suggested numerous times that Indigenous women lied about being sexually assaulted by police officers.

“His comments are inexcusable. This behaviour is unacceptable,“ said NWAC President McBride. “I am calling on Quebec Premier François Legault to take swift action for the immediate resignation of MNA Dufour. He can no longer serve.”

“We cannot tolerate his harmful comments. Calling Indigenous women liars, who are survivors of abuse, while we are in the middle of a genocide of Indigenous women, girls and gender diverse peoples is egregious,” she said. “It’s a toxic form of gaslighting. My heart goes out to anyone adversely impacted by his thoughtless words. Mr. Dufour’s comments are a slap in the face to Indigenous people across Canada, especially to survivors of abuse.”

“Again, I call upon our allies and leadership(s) alike to stand in solidarity - demanding that Dufour resigns immediately,” added President McBride. “The Viens Commission made 142 recommendations – 135 of which called upon the Quebec government to restore the trust between Indigenous people and Quebec public services. Mr. Dufor’s irresponsible comments do absolutely nothing to help restore that trust.”

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