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NWAC Calls on Prime Minister to Reaffirm Commitment to Equality at G7 Biarritz Summit

[August 23, 2019; Ottawa, ON] As Prime Minister Trudeau heads to the G7 Biarritz Summit in France August 24–26, the Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) will be looking for a high-level statement reaffirming his commitment to equality and protection for all Canadians, including Indigenous women, girls and gender-diverse people.

NWAC CEO Lynne Groulx noted that such a statement would be appropriate in light of the fact that a key organizational priority of the G7 Summit — and its member countries — is fighting inequality. French President Emmanuel Macron has pledged that combatting inequality — particularly gender inequity — will be a priority of France. His pledge at this year’s Summit follows on the heels of Canada’s work to make gender equality a centrepiece of its G7 presidency last year.

At the 2018 Summit, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau put a new emphasis on women and girls in G7 deliberations to showcase Canada’s commitment to feminist policy on the world stage. Trudeau also created a gender-equality advisory council to ensure that gender equity and empowering women and girls were included in all discussions and activities of the G7, including in non-traditional areas like security and economic policy.

“Gender equality and gender-based analysis were a significant binding thread throughout the 2018 G7 Summit, which was hosted by the Government of Canada,” said Groulx.

“In light of the ongoing gender-focused priorities of the 2019 G7 Summit and Canada’s key gender advisory role, it is critical that the Prime Minister of Canada uses his presence to reaffirm his commitment to full equality for all members of Canadian society, including Indigenous women, girls and gender-diverse people,” Groulx added.

NWAC is also looking for the Government of Canada to commit to specific and substantive follow-up to the National Inquiry’s 231 Calls for Justice, and that the final G7 Summit joint statement by both France and Canada reflect the importance of ensuring full equality and protection of Indigenous women and girls.


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