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NWAC Calls For Truth And Transparency Amidst SNC-LAVALIN Scandal

OTTAWA, ON- NWAC was disappointed over the resignation of Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould as Minster of Veterans Affairs on Tuesday. As the only Indigenous woman in the federal cabinet, she provided an important perspective and key leadership on Indigenous issues. To truly advance reconciliation in Canada, the voices of Indigenous women, girls, and gender-diverse people must be heard at all levels of government.

Former Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould has not provided detailed reasons for her decision to resign. NWAC respects her right to speak for herself and will not engage in speculation about her decision to resign as Minister of Veteran Affairs. As a National voice representing women of many Indigenous Nations in Canada, NWAC believes in supporting the voices of Indigenous women, girls, and gender-diverse people. This means respecting that each person speaks for themselves.

As discussions about the SNC-Lavalin scandal continue, former Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould’s voice remains noticeably absent. To truly shed light on what happened, former Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould must be allowed to speak freely. Therefore, NWAC calls for truth and transparency, and the waiving of solicitor-client privilege. We all deserve to know the truth, and former Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould must be allowed to speak as the expert of her own experiences.

Furthermore, by the Prime Minister speaking publicly about former Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould’s resignation, his meeting with her and indicating that he put no pressure on her with respect to the SNC – Lavalin criminal charges, then the Prime Minister has waived the Government of Canada’s right to solicitor-client privilege. By so doing, former Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould is allowed to speak freely before the Justice Committee.

NWAC is committed to upholding the principles of honesty and transparency in the work that we do, and we expect the same from our elected officials.


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