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NWAC Announces Mother’s Day Awareness & Fundraising Campaign

April 24, 2017 (Ottawa, ON) - In recognition of the special gifts our mothers share with their children and their communities, the Native Women’s Association of Canada invites individuals to celebrate a mother in their life with a Maxine Noel Not Forgotten scarf. Launched on Friday, the “Make NWAC a Part of Your Family This Mother’s Day” campaign will showcase the scarf as a thoughtful, practical gift for mothers that will help them show their recognition of the strength, resiliency, and value of Indigenous women.

“As the national advocate for First Nations and Métis women, we are always increasing awareness of the ways that policy and legislation can be changed to improve the lives of Indigenous women living in Canada,” NWAC Interim Francyne D. Joe reflects. “We do this work in recognition of the power women and girls have to support their communities, pass on their cultural beliefs and values, and shape the future.”

NWAC has been vending gifts featuring Noel’s work since the Dakota Sioux artist donated her Not Forgotten artwork in 2016. “The world we all live and move in, is a place of great and terrible beauty, of wonder, and of tragedy,” says Noel of her series honouring the missing and murdered women of the Indigenous community. “Our women are our heart and our spirit, always honoured, never forgotten”

“I wear the Not Forgotten scarf to many of my engagements and have found it a valuable tool in starting conversations about the terrifying numbers of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls as well as respectful ways of honouring their lives,” observes Joe. “This Mother’s Day, we’re promoting the scarf as a gift that has meaning and is a part of growing social awareness. It’s colourful, beautiful, and bright, just like our proud adoptive, biological, and step mothers.”

All proceeds from sales of the Not Forgotten scarves go towards NWAC’s work and may be purchased from the NWAC website.

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