Understanding the Long-Term Impacts of COVID-19

Posted: New Initiatives:
Oct 11, 2023
  • Issue 17
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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact Indigenous women, girls, Two-Spirit, transgender, and gender-diverse (WG2STGD+) people in Canada. The pandemic has magnified already-existing disparities and created specific and unique challenges for this group.

Throughout the pandemic, there was a noticeable lack of detailed, nuanced information about how Indigenous WG2STGD+ people have been impacted by COVID-19. To gauge the long-term health and mental health impacts, NWAC’s Executive Policy Unit has developed a survey.

The significance of gathering targeted information like this is paramount. Crafting public policies without considering the distinct experiences of marginalized groups, including Indigenous WG2STGD+ people, can lead to ineffective solutions.

Our efforts will go beyond simply collecting data; our goal is to drive change at the national level. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the impacts and grassroots perspectives, NWAC will be able to advocate strongly for policies and programs that can address the unique issues affecting Indigenous WG2STGD+ people.

We have received survey responses from over 50 respondents, and are working hard to analyze the results and develop a report, which will be released later this year.

We look forward to amplifying the perspectives of Indigenous WG2STGD+ people as it relates to the impacts of COVID-19, to help inform NWAC’s future advocacy, policy, and research work.