MMIWG Department: Safe Passage work continues

May 26, 2022
Shining The Spotlight Issue8 WEBSITE 05

The new MMIWG department of two staff members was formed in April, and we are already busy with three projects.

We are updating NWAC’s Safe Passage website to be a more trauma-informed and barrier-free resource that reflects geographic regions and instances where individuals have felt unsafe. The website will include a community safety resource map alongside the MMIWG2S+ map, so individuals can view and access safety resources in their communities.

In addition to revising and expanding the reporting tool and map, we will be providing support to those who report cases of MMIWG2S+ or unsafe areas on the platform. Individuals will receive increased Elder support through the Resiliency Lodge and Faceless Dolls healing workshops, which will be held throughout the year.

All the website updates, along with future changes, are being overseen by the Safe Passage Indigenous Women’s Safety Council. The Council’s membership includes NWAC’s provincial and territorial member associations (PTMAs) and four sharing circles represented by Indigenous women, gender-diverse, and Two-Spirit people. The four sharing circles will be held in late May and the Safety Council will meet regularly to advise and guide the Safe Passage website.

The MMIWG department is also working on a similar project related to community-led definitions of safety. This month, our team has been busy planning an engagement session, in partnership with the Resiliency Lodge, for MMIWG2S+ families and survivors to understand their views, knowledge, and concerns related to safety. After the engagement session, we will be producing a report that includes the information shared during the session. The report will contain recommendations on how to incorporate community-led definitions of safety into various safety resources.

Our team has also been planning an MMIWG art installation on the first floor of NWAC’s new head office. The installation, which will be in the “vault,” will consist of art pieces made by community members across the country that commemorate, honour, and bring awareness to MMIWG. The installation will be on display in June, the third anniversary of the release of the Inquiry’s final report.