Executive Policy Team: Engaging in Core Health Policy

May 29, 2023

Over the past several months, the Executive Policy Team has continued to expand NWAC’s core health resources through funding from the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB) of Indigenous Services Canada (ISC). In doing so, the team has created several fact sheets and policy briefs, which explored critical issues impacting Indigenous Women, Girls, Two-Spirit, Transgender, and Gender-Diverse+ (WG2STGD+) Peoples.

The fact sheets offer accessible and practical information to help Indigenous WG2STGD+ Peoples make significant choices pertaining to their health.

The two fact sheets on the Non-Insured Health Benefit (NIHB) and Jordan’s Principle and the Inuit Child First Initiative were intended to provide Indigenous WG2STGD+ Peoples with critical information on how to access health resources and understand their rights as a patient. The third fact sheet on Culturally Relevant Gender-Based Analysis (CGRBA) informed health policy provides a high-level overview of how the framework can be integrated into the development of health policies and programs, with the intention to support policy-makers and service providers in applying CRGBA.

While the fact sheets sought to provide more practical resources, the three policy briefs were developed to amplify and provide Indigenous WG2STGD+ Peoples with information on critical health-related issues. As such, three policy briefs were developed on food insecurity, health inequalities in rural and remote Indigenous communities, and maternal and child health. Each policy brief provides a high-level summary of each issue, while also outlining progress being made by NWAC and the Government of Canada.

Through continued funding from FNIHB, the Executive Policy Team will continue our work on core health policy and develop more resources to support the health of Indigenous WG2STGD+ Peoples over the coming year.