Economic Development Department: Identifying data about the most vulnerable Indigenous people

May 26, 2022
Shining The Spotlight Issue8 WEBSITE 14

Among various initiatives to facilitate the integration of Indigenous women, Two-Spirit, and gender-diverse people with disabilities in the job market, NWAC’s economic development team is proud to announce the conclusion of a large-scale national survey focusing on the most vulnerable Indigenous people in Canada.

The survey identified quantitative and qualitative data about their mental and/or physical disorders, the physical, cultural, and spiritual barriers when seeking employment, and the reasons for leaving or wanting to leave a job. It identified the main challenges to adapting and accommodating people with disabilities into the workplace, with a view to promoting healing and empowerment.

The survey’s key findings form the basis for raising awareness and transferring knowledge on our team’s work among federally regulated employers who are subject to the Employment Equity Act. The data will serve to better inform employers about the needs of Indigenous women, Two-Spirit, and gender-diverse people with disabilities. The findings will also be used to develop solutions to remove barriers to equity before, during, and after one is hired, thus supporting their full integration in the workplace.

This initiative places NWAC as a one of the few knowledge holders with reliable disaggregated data about these three Indigenous vulnerable groups. It will contribute to improving knowledge on this topic and help to identify policy priorities at the local, regional, and national levels.