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Youth Engagement on Gender Equality

Indigenous youth are one of the fastest-growing populations in Canada, with nearly half the population under the age of 24. Despite their numbers, Indigenous youth continue to face inequitable access to mental health services, employment and educational supports, and culturally appropriate resources.

Indigenous youth is also at risk for suicide, with the suicide rate for Indigenous women at seven times higher than for non-Indigenous women.

NWAC envisions an inclusive society that acknowledges and respects the diversity of all Indigenous 2SLGBTQ+ and gender-diverse youth.

Our Goal

To this end, our Generation 4 Equality (G4E) program aims to build leadership and advocacy among Indigenous youth. G4E and its social media activities foster virtual discussions, share resources, and create supports for Indigenous youth to bring gender advocacy initiatives to their communities. Through our website, workshops, and social media activities, Indigenous young women, girls, Two-Spirit, and gender-diverse people are given the opportunity to share ideas, build leadership and advocacy capacity, and gain knowledge and skills.

G4E also aims to promote the professional development of Indigenous youth who are involved, or would like to engage, in gender advocacy in communications and social media fields.

Leadership and advocacy take many forms, and everyone’s voice deserves to be heard.

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