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Water Carriers

Water is foundational to the health and well-being of Indigenous Peoples, and is an important part of who Indigenous women are. Indigenous women are natural life carriers and protectors of water. They recognize that water has Spirit and all life on Mother Earth is connected to water.


Samiz Sunesara,
Policy Officer, Environment,
(343) 998-7931


Indigenous women and girls are negatively affected by the mistreatment of water from pollution, toxic substances, and waste. They believe that water should be treated like a living being; life itself cannot be sustained if the water is polluted. NWAC advocates that Indigenous Peoples act as a voice for the water—to protect it and care for the environment for future generations.

Climate change is exasperating the health and social issues that Indigenous Peoples face, especially Indigenous women, girls, and gender-diverse people, who make up a grossly disproportionate number of impoverished people in Canada and are some of the most vulnerable to human rights violations.

Clean water is essential and must be protected for future generations. Our goals are to:

  • increase existing infrastructure, water distribution and community water treatment facilities, to alleviate water issues for Indigenous communities
  • continue to advocate for recognition, action, and funding from the Government of Canada on issues of water for Indigenous Peoples