Policy Sectors

Conservation, Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss

NWAC envisions a world where human activity contributes to sustainable natural environments, including a clean and stable global climate, where all Indigenous women, girls, gender-diverse, and Two-Spirit people fairly benefit from low-carbon sustainable economic activities.

Changes in the environment have far-reaching effects on the lives of Indigenous women, girls, gender-diverse, and Two-Spirit individuals, as at least a quarter of the world’s land area is owned, managed, used, or occupied by Indigenous Peoples.


Nigel Quamariaq,
Manager Environment,
+1 613 366 4764

Our goals are to:

  • help reclaim and strengthen the relationships that Indigenous women, girls, and gender-diverse people have with Mother Earth, her lands, waters, and wildlife
  • enhance Indigenous’ self-determination and jurisdiction as it relates to Indigenous women, gender-diverse, and Two-Spirit people within the context of the natural environment